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Understanding the installation process is important so you are aware of what to expect when your installers visit your property. Here we go through some of the details to help the process run smoothly.

Installation Process

Firstly, schedule an installation date and time at a convenient time that works best for your whole family. Clear your driveway of any vehicles so that the van can get as close to the property as possible.Move any plants or garden furniture away from your windows and doors, allowing the installers to have clear access points. Clear the areas internally, including curtains and blinds, to allows installers to work unhindered. Installers should ensure that the internal parts are protected from dirt and damage whilst the installation takes place.

Installation will require the careful removal of old windows and frames and the making good of the brick opening before the new sills and double glazed units are carefully placed into position. Careful aperture preparation is very important, especially if there are any old voids between the brickwork and plasterwork. These will need to be properly sealed to avoid cold air transfer.

The real art in fitting double glazing comes with years of practice and involves a considerable amount of expertise when using packers, fitting the beading etc. This is particularly true when installing doors; the process known as toeing and heeling can be notoriously tricky to get right. What’s involved and the skills required to do a good job can also vary depending on the type and make of glazing being installed.

New windows and door-sets are normally installed on the same day that the existing windows or door-sets are removed, to maintain security and weather tightness of the building. An average installation is usually complete ina day but will clearly depend on the size of the job.

They should also take care of the removal of old windows, doors and frames. Environmentally conscious firms will ensure that as much as possible is recycled.