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Welcome to the Doors And Windows Compare Blog. Here we introduce you to many of the key sections of the website, focused on saving you time and money in the search for your new Doors and Windows. Don't forget to check back regularly for new posts.

  • 18th Dec 2019

    How thermally efficient is your home?

    Having a home that is thermally efficient makes a huge difference in terms of the cost of your bills and to feeling comfortable inside your own property.

  • 9th Dec 2019

    How to pay for your new PVC-U doors and windows?

    Installing new or replacing tired or damaged doors and windows can be one of the most expensive home improvement projects. However, like so many projects homeowners undertake, the cost can vary enormously.

  • 2nd Dec 2019

    3 things to consider when choosing exterior door furniture

    Exterior door furniture is an important part of the style and security of your home. The front door is often the door that is allocated the highest budget, so it is important that any door furniture you choose offers the right combination of aesthetic appeal and security you require.

  • 25th Nov 2019

    Door & window trends in the UK

    Following the latest trends can be tempting. Most of us end up following trends - whether that’s our clothes, accessories, home furnishings, or even travel destinations.

  • 11th Nov 2019

    What type of door should I buy? (Part 1)

    Let’s be honest, choosing new doors for your house can all be a bit of a minefield!

    Firstly, buying a new door isn’t a regular occurrence - it may well be something homeowners experience only once or twice. No wonder, therefore, that buying a new exterior door, bi-fold doors or patio doors can be quite a daunting process. When researching the different types of door available, there’s a wide range, many with specific descriptors which aren’t always obvious.