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The first decision to make is the style of doors and windows you are looking for. There are many different styles, finishes, materials and colours available on the market today and at Doors & Windows Compare, we try and help explain all the differences and help you make the right decision for your home.

What's Important?

One of the biggest and most important purchases in a homebuilding project is the doors and windows and deciding on the window styles makes a huge difference to the look and design of your property. These days the front of our home is often more window than wall and it’s therefore really important to take into account energy efficiency and the thermal performance of your new doors and windows. Whatever your project, the style of window you choose has a huge impact on the overall appearance of the building and can influence how you interact with different rooms.

Choosing The Right Style For Your Home

When choosing your new doors and windows, there are some fundamental questions that you need to consider:-

Design – do you want a classic, more traditional design or are you looking for something more contemporary, with lots of glass and thin frames.

Materials – in our materials section, we consider each of the key options including cost, durability and style.

Colours – there are more colours on the market than ever and with grey and black now a very popular option, you no longer have to assume that white is the only option.

Glazing – energy efficiency and the thermal performance of the glass you choose is becoming increasingly important and does impact on your heating costs.

Ordering – consider the best way to order you new windows and doors and how production and installation lead-times may affect your project.

Window Styles For Traditional Homes

If you’re renovating an older property, it’s essential to choose appropriate materials and styles, which in most cases will mean timber casement or sash windows. There are companies who can replicate older styles, but unfortunately you cannot really replicate wood grain with PVCu unless you use a wood effect foil. Smaller casement windows are associated with cottages and there are some lovely styles available, but a trickier style to replicate with double glazing is Georgian and early Victorian.

Window Styles For Contemporary Homes

As technology in the glazing industry has improved, there has been a move to larger windows and narrower frames. It can even be said that the more contemporary the style of the home or build-style, the bigger the glazing should be! PVCu and timber can look great on a contemporary home, while aluminium windows are perfect for minimalist styles.

Whats Next?

Once you've decided on the general style of your new doors and windows, you're ready for the next step - to start finding the most suitable supplier, installer and the best way to pay for your project.